1. Downolad Downolad the latest version of the DD com GMaps Locations packe from our website using the green "Download" button.

2. Installation Install it via your Joomla backend installer.
TopNav > Extension > Manage > Install > Upload Package File.
Upload the file.

First Steps

3. API Setup Enter your your Google API Keys
TopNav > Extension > Components > DD GMaps Locations > Locations > Options

4. Add Location Add your first location(s)
TopNav > Extension > Components > DD GMaps Locations > Locations > New

5. Link Locations Link a menu to the locations view.
TopNav > Menu > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item
Select the locations view.

7. Add Modules Add modules to the locations view
TopNav > Extension > Modules > Add > Select

Make sure that the modules are published and the "Menu Assignment" is correctly assigned.


Custom CSS - You can add your own CSS rules to each of our extensions
Just add a user.css to the extension css folder under media/{this extension}/css/user.css
The user.css should loaded directly after saving. Please remember to empty the cache after change the css.

Features Doc



How to add cusom makers?
There are two options for this. Custom Category Marker and Module Spezific Default Marker.

For Custom Category Marker go to TopNav > Extension > Components > DD GMaps Locations > Categories and add a new category. In the creation windows, there's a top with some options. Here you can define the image for the category. Category images will be used as marker. You can assigne categories to locations to use individual markers for each category

For Module Spezific Default Marker. Go to TopNav > Extension > Modules DD GMaps Module. There you can find tow image fields to define the default marker which has been used when no category maker is definied and the cluster maker, which has been used for marker clustering

How to add individual cordinates?
TopNav > Extension > Components > DD GMaps Locations > Locations For this, on the Location > New / Edit Windows > Geo Address Tab cordinates. You can enable "GeoCoding Hard Coding" to add your custom cordinates. After saving, this setting overwrites the location data which are automatically generated from the address.